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RAUL ROMAN, Co-Founder of UBELONG, has over 15 years of experience in international development work. Before UBELONG, he developed a distinguished career serving different United Nations agencies and other leading international organizations, governments, corporations and non-profits in more than 25 countries across Africa, Asia and Latin America. Raul earned a Ph.D. in international development at Cornell. He’s a bit of a renaissance man: innovation “laborer,” entrepreneur, scientist, educator. On Monday evenings, he teaches at the School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins in DC, where he’s a member of its world-class faculty since 2008. Visit for more info.

STEVEN PRIOVOLOS is a multi award-winning Director of Photography and producer working on feature films, documentaries, TV shows and commercials around the world. After a First Class Honors (A) degree in Physics obtained at Imperial College in the United Kingdom, Steven attended the London Film School where he graduated the Cinematography Course with honors in 2002. Nowadays he divides his time between his two bases in Los Angeles and London.

From the beginning of his filmmaking career Steven has focused on projects that involve extensive traveling, true human connection and the power of face-to-face human interaction. Such projects have been his creative fuel and have turned him into the person he is today. Over the last year, Steven has filmed various productions in over 25 countries around the world. He has shot a number of projects for companies and brands such as National Geographic, Travel Channel, Discovery Channel, Warner Brothers, Panasonic, Hugo Boss, Coca-Cola and Red Bull, among many others. Steven also teaches Cinematography as a guest lecturer in colleges and universities worldwide.

He is currently working on various projects in the United States, Europe, East Africa, Asia & the Middle East. He is also the Co-Founder and Head of Production of the newly established California-based production company TerraMagma Pictures ( with a number of projects on their pipeline in the months to come.

Besides the world of filmmaking & traveling Steven’s other passions include meditation, Yoga, cycling, swimming, cooking and Physics. His personal blog, ‘Daily Happy Thoughts, about the blessings of everyday life can be found on

SARAH ROSENBLUM is just a sophomore in high school in Philadelphia. She has an interest in building cultural experiences through relationships. She is constantly seeking ways to create change and help people by learning from direct face-to-face encounters.

While she hasn’t had to decide yet, she has an inclination toward English Literature and the Arts and would like to approach new global opportunities through these lenses. She has already taken a creative writing course at Northwestern University and will be taking an art course this summer at the UCLA Institute of Art.

Other Partners

The Human Interaction Project is proud to partner with UBELONG to bring our scholarship recipients the most impactful travel experience possible.

UBELONG is a social venture based in Washington, DC founded on the belief that everyone can make a difference through international volunteering if they are given the chance. It offers affordable and flexible short-term volunteering opportunities that empower volunteers to make a real difference while staying safe and comfortable.

UBELONG runs over 100 projects covering multiple action areas, including conservation, education, health and women’s empowerment in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Learn more about it on

UBELONG home Africa

 You can change the world. UBELONG helps you get there.


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